11 Million

Children are on the streets.

No caring spaces for these children

Open, voluntary, non-custodial, long term residential comprehensive care

The Rainbow Homes for girls and Sneh Ghars for boys to enable the mainstreaming of children formerly on the streets.


Recognized By

Govt.of India and Included in the National Educational Policy(SSA)

Recommended By

TATA Inst.of Social Science as a model of care for children forerly on streets

Referred By

As the Best Practice example By Save the Children NGO

What makes us different

Working with Public Systems

Homes are located inside Government Schools

Enhanced trust with Government and Govt. Institutions

Children attend govt. schools thereby rejuvenating them

Open, Voluntary & Non-Custodial

Children have made an informed decision to leave the streets voluntarily

Children thrive in a non-threating environment

Children are not locked up inside a home


Covered under the RTE Act and JJ Act

Adhere to the UN convention on the Rights of the child

Child has stake in her development through participation via Bal Sabha and Child committees

Accountatble & Transparent

Financial audits by of one of BIG4 audit firms

Child progress traced through web-based information system

Key Performance Indicators monitored periodically

Our Reach








Gold Girl
Pooja from Delhi kilkari Rainbow Home, won a gold and silver at the 2015 Special Olympics in Los Angeles.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama visit
our children in Delhi. Children and Teams from different cities received His Holiness Dalai Lama blessings and participated in different programs enthusiastically


"The physical spaces exist for every street child In our cities It is the spaces in our hearts that still do not…."

"The best ideas are simple. Provides shelter street children in school. That was the beginning. Meanwhile, the thousands of children much more than that. Their bright eyes say more than a long story"


We are proud of
25 Partners
in India

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  • APSA
  • Asritha
  • Balatejassu
  • CRDS
  • LSN Foundation
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  • Auxilium Navajeevana
  • BOSCO Bangalore
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  • ARUN
  • BGVS
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